Supposedly, I'm Good At Pushing Labeled Buttons (Demo, Vocal Version)

by Kamikaze Ambulance

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    Demo version of a track from the vocal edition of the soon to be released album.

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I took those pills
the doctor prescribed
I took more than I should and I survived

To be honest
I took them all
And I washed them down with alcohol

No help from my therapist
No more extracting truth sessions
is there a copay if I don't exist?
I don't think you'll ever get it

(pushing buttons gaining more control
they push my buttons and they take their toll
labeled buttons, I get up and go
they push my buttons, I've nothing left to show)

More enlightened than I could have ever dreamed
It was an alternate route that saved me
found power within disconnected my phone
home alone on drone in this twilight zone

I'll never lack in menial tasks
repulsive sentiment and biased selfish acts
at judgement's mirror I found my ego
to transcend these burdens I tried to let it go

take a bunch of acid form a cover band of Jandek
panic like you planned it jesus john zandig
misfit samhein danzig candid nip slips I demand it!
four quatro crazies classic man I'm trashed I'm fuckin blasted
no juice I'm not gassin passin kidney stones and nice homes
I'm nice holmes Sherlock john doe kick it like tae kwon do
nothin subtle bout this rumble shake it up make it crumble
trapped under the rubble I burst your fuckin bubble
confetti into dust smithereens I'm blowin dust
trust you if I must just long enough to get my stuff
poster boy of no joy got the title I'll defend it
think I care if you're offended or if your life ended?
I'd be too fucked up to notice hokus pokus watch me smoke this
K A the main focus Dem Three "don't provoke us"
large swarm of locust battle cry scream like crocus
dopest gropest like the pope is broken chokin' you a joke kid


released October 28, 2012